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This was written during a difficult time in life: finding who I am, what I need, where I need to be, dealing with the evil in the world, and growing older. Even after finishing this, I still don't know what I am, or what my purpose is. Yet, I feel a little closer. This was an emotional release for me, hopefully it helps someone out there, too.


released December 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Stampede to Timberline Salt Lake City, Utah

I'm just a kid, and I like to make things up with old and broken instruments.

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Track Name: Mouth of the Sun
Can you hear it?
The mouth of the sun.
I hear it coming,
It's leaving me undone.

Here he comes,
Saving someone.
I can't see it,
Blinded by the sun.

Hey here we leave it,
Pulled out a gun.
Clean it,
Mouth of the sun.
Track Name: I'm Gone
How roughly sewn am I.
My patterns and songs fall through the cracks,
They fall into the emptiness of the womb.
Where you cannot be.
I can barely see,
My mind is numb and my fingers worn.
My hands have grown into roots,
Reaching into the ground,
Stuck and buried from you.
They do not move,
The earth has fastened them still.
Where I have walked has trapped me,
I am not what I always dreamed I would be.
My heart is hollow,
It creaks and withers.
In the dust I am.
Oh great Earthmover,
Will you please find me?
You sink mountains under the sea,
Filter sun through the trees.
Why would you want me?
Birds sing on my dead branches,
Maybe if I sing too, I can see you.
But the sunlight,
Stabs through my veins,
And I cannot hear your voice.
Track Name: Hands and Anchors
I crossed the bridge of lies
But you weren't there when I reached the other side
And I'd often wonder what it's like.
To live a life.

And I gave my lungs a rest,
Hollowed out emptiness.
I'll feel this weight until I collapse,
Carved a stone above my head.

I crossed the bridge of lies,
You weren't on the other side.
I wonder what it's like.
I want to live a life.

Maroon skies, setting sun,
Watched my life with someone
I wanted home,
To be in my place.

I wandered without grace.

Hollowed out emptiness
Track Name: Life and Sleep
We all feel it,
It ebbs and flows through our lungs.
Sometimes we lose it,
Sometimes we strain it through our skin.
Yet, our offerings of solitude are not,
Be enough.

So there you lay,
Further than I can speak.
I know as we sleep,
As our minds sneak about,
We are tied.
When thought escapes us,
You are calm,
You walk my hallways.

Chase your sleep,
Because I know you the best when I sleep.
I know life the best when I sleep.
Track Name: Mental Roof
I parted the seas,
For the bittersweet release.
I drowned on my knees,
And now I'm Plasticine.

How can you see me?
I've fallen through these cracks,
Empty heads,
Cracked limbs.

This can't be,
Flashing lights red lines,
Walking home in the dark.
We carved our names in the oak,
But he tried to burn it down.
Track Name: David Branches
I once fit into a box,
I was told,
Nobody could be as strong as the ox.
We all would grow old.

One day,
The box was not.
This was not what I was told to say.
Where was caged thought?

I threw off the locks,
Realized that I was not a mold,
My life was a box.
There I was in the cold.

Can you feel my breathing?
I press against your back,
In the summer heat so seething.
My mind is off track.

Inasmuch as I lack,
Maybe I'll careen,
Down to the stream.
My life is as the small of your back.

I am the small of your back.
I am the small of your back.
I am a box.
I am a mold.
I drowned in the stream.